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Here we encourage our members to submit newsworthy items for the good of our order such as personal success stories, sickness or hardship or just a simple note to let others know how you are doing.

                                                                            Masonic Flag Project Update
Kermit Hodgdon, our Junior Warden, is pleased to report that the 1st Annual placing of the blue Masonic Memorial Flags went well. There was much interest in the project with calls from Lodge members in Florida, California and of course right here in Maine. More than 180 flags were placed in seven cemeteries in Windham, Gorham, Standish, and Gray. The flags were collected after Memorial Day and will be used again next year. Additional flags will be purchased next year to place on known existing graves and newly discovered graves where Masons are at rest. A database has been established to record the names of deceased Masons and is growing. The program will be larger and more comprehensive next year. To those of you that supported this cause, thank you for your donations. Without your support, the financing would not have been available. You helped to get Masonry out into our communities. We are also appreciative for the help of many Masons that came out to assist in placing the flags. Additionally, this project has brought many Masons together in the interest of doing something worthwhile. It has ignited a good conversation about Masonry of the past and present. It’s a project that Masons can put their hands on and enables them to get out into the community.
Again, thank you for your support.   

​JUST ANNOUNCED - 12 February: The 2nd Annual Placement of Flags will take place on Sunday, 20 May 2018.
More information to come.
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